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Look Who's - What people say about our jeans  

Theresa ~ Hey! I received my jeans not too long ago. I love them!!!!!! I actually sleep in them. They are the most comfortable jeans ever made! Thank you. We will be doing business soon. bye

Leah ~ These jeans look like the best low rise jeans ever... I am going to save up my money and buy a pair ASAP!

Kitty ~ beautiful and sexy!

Monica ~ I love your jeans.They are sexy!

Staci ~ I love the new style jeans and all of the bathing suits!

Raziah ~ I love Dorinha jeanswear cause they're so comfortable

Brittany ~ I LOVE DORINHAS!!

Rosemary Alvarez ~ Hi,i just want to tell you that i always had a difficult time finding the right pair of jeans, but finally i found one, I'm really happy now cause i'm not a size "0" or "1",but your jeans fit so nice on me THANK YOU!!!

D'yonna Baca ~ I love your jeans I actually admire them they are what I've been trying to get but could never find that low enough pair of jeans but now I've found it. Thanks

Amand ~ Love your clothes, they are ultra sexy!

Krista ~ I love your brand!

Crystal ~ Been a fan for a couple of years.... love the new styles and bikinis!!

Mckye ~ i love the jeans and the tops! there just great! keep up the good work you guys! im buying some of your capris soon

D'yonna ~ I have been looking for sexy feally really low rise jeans and I found them thanx..

Mallory ~ Awesome clothes!

Anastasia ~ Just ordered my first pair--cant wait to try them on!!!

Michelle ~ I really like Dorinha''s jeans...they look so cool!

Peggy ~ Your clothes are very well made and very comfortable.

Kris ~ I absolutely love your jeans. My only regret is not find out about them sooner.
So I missed out on a couple of your older styles. But I do intend on buying your current ones. Keep up the great work! Love your jeans!!

Valerie ~ Awesome jeans! Love the one inch zipper...

April ~ Your jeans are the best! I love the stretchy one inch zipper thing. You totally rule!

Carrie ~ Your Jeans are really cute and sexy.

Jackie ~ Your jeans are so hot...they would sell so good out here in Los Angeles, CA. I can't wait to show these to all my favorite boutiques so they will start carrying your jeans!

Kristina ~ You've got a great selection of jeans!

Prestonne ~ I LOVE your jeans!

Jessica ~ I love your clothing and your website is really great and informative. Thanks!

Prestonne ~ I love your jeans! I have 3 pairs and they are great for my very tiny figure! I would LOVE to see some jeans with a frayed top, those are so cool! Some sweat pants
that fit smaller figures would also be great.Keep up the good work!

Dayna ~ I love your jeans they are so cute and so comfy. I think you should start sending out the shirts to the stores cuz I would buy them. Well I just wanna say the Dorinhas are like the best thing that have happened to me so far!!!!

Rasmesh ~ My wife loves your sexy designs and she wants more very low cut jeans.

Maria ~ I want to see more... I like the style...

Joe ~ The lower the better, I Think!

Emerita ~ This jeans are hot'

Julieta ~ I'm so happy i found your website, I been looking seen years for brazilian jeans.

LaDonna ~ I am very pleased to find a website that sells "low-rise" jeans. I have been looking for a while now, and your website has all the latest styles and trends. Keep up the good work!

Marmy ~ Your jeans look awesome! Can't wait to get a pair for myself.

Christina ~ DORINHA jeans are the sexiest, hottest jeans ever!!!

Brandy ~ I love this site! I'm in love with your jeans.

Mandy ~ I think these pants are so awsome and I can't wait to see more I have been looking everywhere for pants like these and I finally found some.

Rhoda ~ 'Jeans are really comfortable & flattering'

Alison ~ 'I love these jeans they're so awsome'

Samantha ~ 'I was absolutely thrilled when I saw your spring styles. I've been looking for a pair of tight, low slung white pants, and a pair of kahki hiphuggers. And while I was at it, the bleached jeans looked great too.

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