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Dorinha Girl Serinda Swan in TRON: Legacy
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Congratulations: Serinda Swan keeps us guessing with her exciting, talented TV roles. Now we are thrilled to congraulate Serinda Swan for her role on USA Network's new and critically acclaimed TV series, "Graceland"!

Big update: Serinda Swan, you've done it again! Congratulations on your spot on the new Steven Spielberg drama series Breakout Kings on A&E.

Breakout Kings has been wildly successful, breaking record audiences. So on behalf of Dorinha Jeans Wear, keep on shining!

Our congratulations go out to Dorinha Girl Serinda Swan for landing herself in the upcoming movie TRON: Legacy. As a model for Dorinha Jeans Wear, it has been a pleasure to work with her combined hard work and natural talent.

Serinda has always gleamed an eye for talent. Surrounding herself with ambitious and inspirational people, she is an outstanding model turned actress. Every shot is a great shot.

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Some of our favorite highlights include her modelling work with Dorinha Jeans Wear, becoming a face for Guess Watches, a lengthy and growing acting career including work on Smallville, and now a role in TRON: Legacy.

Expect to see TRON: Legacy hit Canadian theaters on 17 December 2010.

Dorinha Jeans Wear at the MAGIC Fashion & Apparel Trade Show

Dorinha Jeans Wear participated in the annual Las Vegas Magic Fashion & Apparel Trade Show.

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